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Double Portion Fundraiser

14th Years of Service

Help Support Teen Girls in the Greensboro-High Point, N.C. Area

Double Portion Flyer.jpg

I Am A Queen's Double Portion Fundraiser is a Call to Action to support the work of the Queen Arise Leadership Program. This is I Am A Queen's 14th year of service and we are believing for a double portion in our endeavors in empowering teen girls in the Greensboro-High Point N.C. area through mentoring, entrepreneurship and financial education, mental health services, community service and bonding activities. 


Our goal is to raise $14,000 to support teen girls by May 1, 2023.


Our mission is to empower girls with a crown of confidence by providing transformational mentoring programs that develop them into future leaders and community service pioneers.


With your donation today, I Am A Queen can continue to provide free services to teen girls in our community through the following initiatives:

Queen Arise Leadership Program

The Queens Period Project 

I Am Beautiful Teen Empowerment Conference

Access to Mental Health Services

I Am A Queen Fun Day

Girl Boss Academy


As a donor of the Double Portion Fundraiser, if you donate $22 or more, you will receive in the mail an I Am A Queen Thank You Gift!



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