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A Fatherless Son Story by Jayden

The recent growth of Fatherless African American homes has become an epidemic. The scourge becomes rampant in more ways than one, as there is a common factor that puts a mental toll on our young black men.

Jayden W.

It is common that most young men never remember their fathers face, nor remember their father's voice. It has been proven that a fatherless boy would often have a higher rate of behavioral problems and become more likely to become suspended. There are implications that mothers must truly be strong for their sons and provide the best care for them. The problems that African American boys face must become changed throughout the course of their lives. It is evident that young black men cannot have those fatherless ideals define who they truly are.

I am one of those boys who had to face adversity and overcome this obstacle. No matter what I always saw past these ideas, by clinging on to every which one of my role models. They taught me to not resent my father, but realize that as stated earlier, cannot allow those ideas to define my being. I want to encourage other young black men who do not have a father to work to find a mentor or role model. These are the people who allow you to grow and shape your well-being.

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